Toasting with Mojito’s, eating Cuban style pulled pork tacos, and watching a Niner win

It was another nail-biter of a game but a win is a win…but a tight game against Miami – really?  Ackers hit 2 field goals before we toasted to Frank Gore’s TD with our home muddled “Christmas Story” mojito’s.  I’ve never made a mojito before but even if I do say so myself…they were pretty darn tasty!

Mike made a slow roasted pulled pork for our Cuban pork tacos-marinated overnight and cooked in a dutch oven for five hours ~ yeah, our house smelled amazing!  The citrus marinated pork was piled high on corn tortillas with chipolte mayo, red citrus jicima slaw and topped with cilantro…I believe everyone went “one taco too far” but who could resist…they were absolutely stellar. Don’t worry Dad, we did save one for you. 

Being from Oregon I feel compelled to add a special call out to La-Michael James on his first NFL start and helping the team to a victory.  Go La-Michael…we’re hoping to see him win a ring in his first year!

Next week ~ New England…Great Chowder & Bad Accents.  Wicked good baby!

What is it with those damn Rams?


So they’ve done it again, the sad play against the Rams rendered me speachless and instead of posting about our awesome food I pouted and refused to watch football the rest of the day.  So now that I’m somewhat over the lack luster performance and Ackers breaking my heart,  here’s the day in food…In my Dad’s absence I stepped in and made St. Louis style Smoked Black Cherry BBQ Ribs.  I smoked them for an hour, grilled them for another hour then slathered them in my own creation of a sauce…my sis who doesn’t usually like ribs ate 4! Maybe she finally had them prepared right? 

For one of the desserts, my sister made the St. Louis home favorite ”Gooey Cake” which is sooo sweet you’ll need a pot of espresso to counter it…she wouldn’t even touch it after she saw how much sugar was in it ~ perhaps that’s the secret to the Rams always being so amped up when they play the Niner…lots of gooey cake?  In addition Jose brought a second dessert…A Resses Peanut Butter Blizzard because apparently both peanut butter and the Blizzard originated from St. Louis.  Who knew?

Sadly our feasting on our opponents did not work this week and we saw that Kapernick does not always smile.  But my son sure was smiling after devouring some ribs…

Coming up…Miami Dolphins…Cuban sandwiches or Tuna…HMMMM


49er Hors’ d’oeuvres- Rams

I am changing up the on deck post to put more focus on the upcoming game, with a couple of quick blurbs about some other key games that somehow relate to San Francisco.

The mighty 49ers head to St. Louis this week for the second game of a two game road trip.  They took care of business in New Orleans ( I am not suggesting that our voodoo helped the cause, but it probably did) and now they face a divisional foe in another dome.  The environment at Edward Jones dome should not be as hot as that of the Superdome and we are going to get another look at the young gun – Kaepernick.

Alex Smith has been through the ringer in San Francisco over the years and he has finally emerged as a legitimate starter, but it seems that he always has a little misfortune happen at the wrong time.  He has struggled with various coaches and coordinators with a dearth of competence and has been thrown under the bus more than once.  Now he might be passed up a talented gunslinger that might just make Smith the next Drew Bledsoe.  There is little loyalty in the billion dollar business that is the NFL, as Smith is now discovering.

That said, I will not be surprised if Harbaugh goes against the conventional wisdom yet again and starts Smith against the Fins next week, regardless of how young Kaep fares.  That will force opposing coaches to continue to prepare for both QB’s as the season closes out.  He does love that extra 1% advantage.

The Rams might be without Amendola this week, but he will probably gut out his foot injury.  He and Givens will test the 49ers secondary; a unit that leads the league against the deep ball.  It will be interesting to see which team will be the aggressor this week after the stigma of that tie game a short time ago.

Game of the week:

New Orleans at Atlanta: The Falcons have continued their roll and their sole loss this year was to the Saints.  The Saints appear to have also gotten their mojo back, thought they did drop the last game to the 49ers.  Both teams have plenty of motivation; revenge for the dirty birds and clinging to playoff hopes for the Saints. A win by the Saints increases the chance for SF to secure home field advantage in the playoffs.

Worth the watch:

NY Giants at Washington: The skins need this one badly to keep in the mix for a divisional crown, but the G-men appear rejuvenated after their bye week.  NFC East divisional battles are generally entertaining games regardless, but this carries some extra weight.  NY has a tough finish to the season, so a loss here could jeopardize there playoff chances.  New Orleans, Atlanta and Baltimore all loom large.

Seattle at Chicago: Even with their cornerbacks on the field, this is a tall order for the SeaHacks.  Chicago took one on the chin in San Francisco, but they now have Cutler back under center and put a whoopin’ down on the Vikes last week.  They are 1-2 over the last three weeks, so I’m sure they are seeing this as a must win game for the home stretch.  A Chicago victory can get SF a step closer to another division crown.

Rubberneck game:

Arizona at NY Jets: You can see that this will be ugly on both sides of the ball, but how can you not watch it?  QB turmoil on both sides, coaches being questioned, turnovers at every turn.  This is like the car wreck that you need to look at as you drive by.  Regardless of the quality, it is always good to see the Cards get faced.

Toilet Bowl:

Cleveland at Oakland: The Black Hole take on a new meaning this weekend.  If we are lucky, a real black hole will open at the coliseum and take both of these teams away to the abyss.  There is no impact on SF with the outcome, but continued spiral of Oakland does increase the local media attention to the 49ers, both for good and bad.

Go Niners!

Saints iced with 49er foodie voodoo

The first quarter was looking like the niners might have bitten off more than they could chew.  Somewhat joking I suggested we needed a little Voodoo against the New Orleans Saints.  And that’s when Mike put our “fleur de lis” pot holder into a large bowl of ice water…and kept it cold. 


Thus the Saints were unable to get their game in a positive swing and the Niners picked up the heat. Two pick sixes by the defense, one might say they were smokin’ hot. While not as stress-free as the Chicago shalacking, a heck of a game none the less.  We hope that Hunter and Williams injuries are minor and we see them next week against the Rams.  By the way, is Kapernick always smiling?  He certainly had good reason to today!

Mike’s parents came to visit for the holiday and were introduced to the “foodie” gang…I wonder if they’ll come back…just kidding- i think they loved it!

We enjoyed our Muffaletta’s and the Shrimp Ettouffe  and of course the 49er win!  Unfortunately for the gang who we kinda forgot to serve up the beignets so looks like we’re having some great dessert tonight while watching Green Bay beat the Giants…at least I hope that’s the way it goes (sorry Mark).